What is Yogerhum?

Yogerhum, established in early 2018, is building a solid reputation by providing quality products. We are interested in working with people and companies of all sizes who share these same principles. Our members and resellers will have access to a wide variety of amazing products to sell and earn extra money.

How it works?


Register to Yogerhum

Sign up to become a Yogerhum reseller. Whether you have an exsisting business or are just starting, our team will help you set up your own business. Once you are a member, you will have access to a wide range of products that you can sell.

Selecting a Yogerhum Product

Yogerhum members select their desired products. The Saver6 Team will then set-up your very own website, business email, and can now provide you access to mobile apps you can use to grow your business. The Saver6 Team will also take care of the online marketing for you.



Selling the Yogerhum Products

Whether you have previous experience with selling products or not, The Saver6 Team will help you every step of the way. The Marketing of your business and providing you with leads will be taken care for you by Saver6. You're just a call away from earning your extra money.

Claiming your Tax Benefits

Our experienced team of accountants and tax agents will greatly improve the way you grow your business. From setting up your own business, to making sure you are elligible, to claiming your GST and Tax Benefits every end of financial year. Yogerhum members are assured of peace of mind while earning that extra money back.


Earn Up to $25,000 Extra Income

Yogerhum in collaboration with Saver6 launches a fantastic business opportunity for those who want to have a better lifestyle, seeking financial freedom, and earning that extra money they need without the hassle of running their own business.


Transportable Shade Sheds
Off the Grid Lifestyle Solutions
Invoice and Expense