There are lots of advantages for being involved in Yogerhum Business. Being number one gives Yogerhum members a huge advantage when it comes to leads. As an active business network, we help every members and resellers in finding leads near them.

There are great benefits for being part of Yogerhum: Strong Name; good reputation; proven system; ongoing support; training; options to grow; great network for help and much more.

One of the best part is that, Yogerhum offers a wide variety of products that you wish to sell for your small business. There is the Transportable Shade sheds, an award winning brand of sheds in Australia. Kayo Motor bikes and Quadbikes, the famous and high quality brand in China. Brand new and Pre-loved Jet skis, ATVs, boats and light aircrafts and many more.

This business opportunity enable members to become tax eligible for tax claims, members get their tax deductions and write off their business-related expenses that ensure the rapid growth of their own business through the valuable support network of Saver6 Team.

The fun part is that business members are still able to continue their full-time employment while growing their Yogerhum Business and being fully supported by our marketing support team.

Six reasons for going with Yogerhum Business Opportunity

Having fulltime job while growing your business

It is rare to a person to have their own business while having their full-time job. The secret of those people who become successful in growing their small business while having a full-time job is that they have their own websites or using an application or system that helps them to manage their business online and reach their potential leads.

Yogerhum has developed a website, application and system exclusively for their resellers. It also aims to help people who are currently working and wishing to have their own business to reach their financial Goal.

Build your Future

One of the best part of Yogerhum business is that our reseller’s business can grow to any size. With diligence and perseverance, you can earn up to 25,000 dollars per year. You just need to have a positive mind and unique strategy in running your business.

Customer Service

We believe that success is a decision that comes to ourselves. A business owner is more likely to fail if they did not offer an excellent service to their customers. One of the reason behind our success our excellent Customer Service. This result for more than 90% of our leads that are driven by reputation and referral, rather than advertising and such.

Ongoing Support

Here in Yogerhum, our resellers and Members is our top priority. Members are entitled to have regular meetings, fast response to their calls, and regular pro-active calls to provide coaching and advice. We poll members each year to check if proper service is being provided, and members with problems are encourage to call or email us to solve issues and problems immediately.

Support also comes from fellow members and resellers, who are normally generous with help and advice. Our people are also encouraged to attend meetings and network with members of other Divisions and share their experiences that serves as a lesson for everyone.

A Healthy, outdoor lifestyle

The outdoor life is an Australian tradition, from mountain cattlemen to growing up in a suburban back yard. So for many Australians, nothing beats a job involving work in the open air and something that you are fascinated with.

Many people would prefer to spend their days in an air conditioned office. While Yogerhum is a business for those who loves to do an outdoor activities.


Having your own business means independence, working the hours you want. These can be rough sometimes, especially when you are just starting. But once you’ve overcome all the challenges, you will enjoy all the benefits and freedom of being your own boss.

This kind of freedom requires self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. We are looking for people who are self-motivated, who take responsibility for their mistakes and want to be rewarded for their efforts.


Please provide your details by simply fill in the form below and our business development representative will contact you shortly.


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